Tales Of The Monart Spa | Wexford


Like many, I’m a divil for a good spa weekend getaway. There’s nothing like a good facial, great food and luxurious bedding that has me feeling more boujee than I actually am. Nestled in the lush woodlands of County Wexford is Ireland’s best kept ~rElaXaTioN~ secret, The Monart Destination Spa. Named by Condé Nast Traveller as one of the Top Three Spa Resorts in the world, you already know the five star Monart is like no other; but a unique blend of chill.

The Monart is one of those places you hear about over and over again until you finally cave, make the splurge, give it a visit, and then suddenly, can’t stop talking about. From the moment you step through Monart's Georgian house and glide through the glass-covered walkway, you’ve already felt your blood pressure drop and your frown lines fade in this Irish heritage slash contemporary basilica. If you haven’t done much research prior to your visit, kinda like myself, you’d be wondering why everyone is strolling around softly in plush white dressing gowns and matching slippers, but you quickly learn, that’s the Monart way. There’s no other dress code but that of comfort. Hallelujah, I had arrived to my destination.


I’ve never been totally au fait with the notion of a staycation. But the charming resort carries a certain word-of-mouth lore as more than a place to book a glamorous weekend away, pay top dollar for a fancy cocktail or enjoy twenty minutes in a sauna, but more of a place where you can digitally detox from the world, breathe in aromatherapy oils, crease out every bit of cortisol in your body and truly, like really, relax. It’s somewhere you can just, be. If that doesn't have you scheduling dates already, here are some of the reasons why you’ll never want to leave Monart Spa:

The Spa


Naturally, by booking yourself into a world-class spa, you’ll also book yourself in for some world-class treatments. I was feeling extra boujee, so I booked two; the Tropical Saltmousse Glow, which was an exfoliating treatment intended to remove dead skin cells and impurities whilst releasing negative ions to counteract damaging environmental pollutants, and was infused with pineapple and papaya; for repair, smoothing and rejuvenating. I had also booked the Full Body Aroma Massage, which was a full body massage evoking deep relaxation using essential oils.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a HUGE lover of massages. I’m awkward with anyone touching me so intimately (except my boyfriend, obvo), and I’m also someone that finds it very difficult to simply be. But for someone who finds it incredibly hard to do absolutely nothing, I found it quite easy to actually relax. Although, I had a few eyelid flinches here and there and wasn't completely unaware of my surroundings. But you have that, and honestly my masseuse, Ciara, had hands made of Kerrygold butter. Upon leaving I immediately felt deeply refreshed. Am I cured? Or could I ever massage anywhere else but Monart?

There’s also a plethora of thermal suites waiting for you pre-massage and post; from heated benches, foot-baths and a Kneippe Cure Pool (a form of hydrotherapy), Experience Showers, a Salt Grotto, Caldarium, Infra-Red Pro (which was my favourite as it sent infra-red light deep into your body aiding muscle tension, especially in the upper and lower back region, unreal?), Sanarium, Aromatic Steam Room, Traditional Finnish Sauna, Outdoor Log Cabin Sauna with Ice Bucket Shower (yes, this was literally the ice bucket challenge) and a Hydrotherapy Pool. After you’ve completed this 2.5 hour session of wellness rehab having finished each thermal station and slurping on cucumber water, don’t forget to take a detour through the Garden Lounge to sip on a Cosmo (or a green detox juice), because there’s really is nothing more #glamorous than cranberry-infused alcohol in a robe.


Digital Detox Zone


While I’m all for the notion of a digital detox and doing one where I can, I didn’t actually go full hardcore Britney Spears on this. There’s no wifi available in the hotel and they encourage you to switch off your phone for the weekend. But yes I shamelessly threw on my 4G data. I know I know, hashtag rule-breaker. Although, I only did this twice a day, and uploaded any photos I had taken earlier on IG stories then and there. I will say that this may have taken more time than expected since the signal was quite literally, dire.

Adults Only


Kids are great and all, but I avoid situations of cannonball splashes where I can.


The Food

The food is good guys, like really good. Actually, like exceptionally good. If you follow me on Insta, you’re well aware I’m a complete foodie. Following a 9-5 workday of a Friday, and after a 1.5 hour journey from Dublin, I was quick to begin my evening with a glass of champagne on arrival. Keeping our fine-dining experience in the Monart for Saturday night (two nights would be just too extra), we booked a table in a quaint Portuguese restaurant alongside main street Enniscorthy. The restaurant was fantastically authentic, but do expect a long auld’ wait for your food. After swallowing a Portuguese tartlet, we quickly sashayed our way back to the Monart for some fabulously sweet Cosmopolitans and dirty martinis.


The next morning, breakfast. You know it’s the best part of a hotel stay, but the Monart held the bar higher than most by displaying a spectacular smorgasbord of organic yogurt, cured meat, Irish Soda bread, fluffy pancakes laden in pecan syrup, custard-filled pastries and drool-worthy French toast. Was it absolutely the best hotel breakfast I’ve ever had? To be honest, no. But I left with a wonderfully bloated tummy and a sweet taste of satisfaction left in my mouth.


Pleasantly full from an indulgent breakfast, I skipped on lunch and built myself hungry for a night of fine-dining in the Monart restaurant itself. After a glass of red and the chef’s amuse-bouche, I delved into a menu full of Irish grass-fed red meat, organic chicken, fresh fish, vegetarian risottos and even vegan delights. Everyone’s dish was immaculately presented with the kind of attention to detail that can only be described as artistic. I couldn’t possibly illustrate to you the fancy names of the dishes I had, other than a very peculiar organic chicken dish I had for starters and the fresh hake I devoured for my main. But I will tell you that both proved out of this world, as did each in-between taster of our six-course soirée. And as for the sweet tooth connoisseur that I am, I had a raspberry crème brûlée tartlet and it was as delicious as it sounds. My lactose-intolerant self loved me after this. The wine had deterred me from the vegan options. But was worth every disrupted bowel movement I encountered days to follow. Fine dining usually comes with a hefty bill, but Monart’s six-course experience is brought to you for €49 per person, excluding extras.


The Monart isn’t somewhere you stay for a weekend and make plans for during the day, like you would in a city. But isn’t the beauty of a staycation basically where you’re trying to take a step back and not feel the need to rush out and seize the day? It’s a private parkland destination where you go to escape and read by the novelty duck pond. Not even buttoning your jeans could stress you out; especially since, as I said, you wear a dressing gown your entire stay, even at breakfast. I’ll be honest, it looked like we were in a cult. But the good kind.

Packages are available here. I suggest you book it up asap.